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Our company is based in KSA, however, we expanded our work experience to different countries in the MENA region. We choose, invest and develop thoroughly all our team member as they are the key points of our company. With the collaboration of all the team members we approach each project by setting milestones that will build and enhance the strategy which will be followed throughout the process to reach the ultimate goal.

Our Services

What We Doing


Event Management

We specialize in experiential events that elevate brands into popular culture and shareworthy immersive moments. Putting people at the center clients, partners, attendees and make it personal for everyone.


Conference & Meeting

We strive in the national & international competitiveness to organize conferences and summit, primarily to meet your ambitions and upgrade the media market to provide services that correspond to the Saudi Arabia’s development in all areas.


Digital Management

We are optimized for a digital world Our open creative design studio environment, enables us to drive the ideas that move brands forward. Website, Social Media Management, AR/VR Games and MobileApp, Development, media management and PRL distribution)


Event Registration and Badges

Our solutions come with badge design services, required IT setup and operators to lessen your workload.


Exhibitions & Concerts

Working for years with KSA s main exhibitions like IoT . We offer our clients creative concepts, high-end designs and hi end quality booth productions. With a diverse client portfolio.


Public Relations

Event house aims to understand the brand and provide our clients with public relations consultancy services for brand awareness.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing has evolved. Driven by data and digital at its core, the future is in the fusion of event marketing and digital marketing.

Events + Digitalis the future!

Live Event Experience 2.0: The exhibitor-attendee journey at the heart of every event is increasingly independent of the format. Whether it's face-to-face, virtual or hybrid events, in this new age, data and digital is now more than ever an integral component of the event's success.

Content Gateway

A cutting-edge digital platform hosting a variety of content types including live and on-demand webinars, articles, whitepapers, interviews, videos, demos and case studies, Content Gateways, are a bespoke solution for all your content requirements in one place with a single sign-on and tiered access levels. There is much more to this solution including detailed user-level lead gen activity, analytics and reporting and data integrations.

Experience the future with Excel

Our bespoke digital products will help you unlock value at the most important stages of your audience's journey with your brand. Reimagining events as the midpoints of an experience and not endpoint products, creates opportunities for your business at the pre-event promotion stage, the on-site connection stage, as well as the post-event continuation stage.

Marketing & Communications

We rely on common sense and have our ear to the ground, to deliver work which is striking, conversational and one that sets a trend.


Visually attractive and engaging rich content pieces, ebooks are designed to educate readers, answer questions on industry hot-topics and solve problems either as a single-piece content or a series of chapters. With fateel content expertise, digital reach and data, ebooks become a potent and cost-effective lead generation tool.

Our Events


2nd HealthTech Innovation Summit & Expo

13-15 May, 2024
Riyadh Front Exhibition & Convention Center, Riyadh - KSA


Smart Future Expo

13-15 May, 2024
Riyadh Front Exhibition & Convention Center, Riyadh - KSA

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Phone : +966 11 241 2223
Address: Al Rabwah District, Riyadh - KSA.

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